Luminescence Properties of Nanomaterials

María Elena Aguilar-Jáuregui, Cuahutémoc Peredo-Macías, Sandra Dinora Orantes Jiménez, Paulina Alejandra Flores de los Rios, Eduardo San Martín Martínez


Pure and Cerium (Ce) doped ZnS nanomaterials were prepared at room temperature by a chemical synthesis method. X-ray diffraction analysis confirms a cubic zinc crystalline structure and the estimated size of the nanocrystals is in the range of 2-3 nm on average. The observation by scanning electron microscopy shows an inhomogeneous structure due to the agglomeration presented by the nanomaterial. The PL characterization indicates high luminescence intensity in the doped nanoparticles, so the application of this new nanomaterial in the optoelectronic and medical areas is possible.


Nanomaterials, nanoparticles, lanthanides, photoluminescense, zinc sulfur

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