Design on a Low Cost IoT Architecture for Greenhouses Monitoring

Javier Ruiz-Ortega, Alicia Martínez-Rebollar, Jassón Flores-Prieto, Hugo Estrada-Esquivel


Currently, conventional agriculture has been modified by new quality and quantity requirements and also by changes in climatic factors. In this context, it is necessary to implement emerging technologies that help to optimize natural and economic resources. One of the technological alternatives for the agricultural sector is the implementation of automated greenhouses using the Internet of things concept. One of the difficulties in implementing automated greenhouses is the technical difficulty and cost associated with building these new approaches. This work presents an internet of things architecture to monitor the variables involved within a greenhouse, using wireless connection and internet communication to publish the collected data. The system evaluation was conducted using a mesh covered greenhouse and demonstrated that it is possible to develop low-cost architectures that can connect to the cloud via WiFi or GSM / GPRS technology to upload data to a web server. This information is the input for new approaches that enable the automatic management of greenhouses.


Internet of things, IoT architecture, greenhouse, sensors, smart agriculture

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