Tunisian Dialect Agglutination Processing with Finite Transducers

Roua Torjmen, Kais Haddar


The agglutination is a widespread phenomenon in the formation of words in the Tunisian dialect. So, it requires a treatment at the morphological level. In this context, we present our way of dealing with this phenomenon for the different grammatical categories in Tunisian dialect. The proposed method is based on the construction of morphological grammars using a set of finite state transducers. These transducers offer great flexibility in the construction of morphological grammars and allow their maintenance and reuse. Our goal is to create a set of linguistic resources allowing the treatment of the phenomenon of agglutination in the Tunisian dialect. The NooJ linguistic platform with new technologies makes it possible to elaborate and experiment our constructed resources. The obtained results are ambitious and highlight our proposed method.


Agglutination phenomenon, finite transducer, morphological grammar, tunisian dialect

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