Vol 22, No 3 (2018)

Thematic issue on Natural Language Processing (Guest Editor: A. Gelbukh)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Thematic Issue on Natural Language Processing PDF
Alexander Gelbukh

Articles of the Thematic Issue

Unsupervised Creation of Normalization Dictionaries for Micro-Blogs in Arabic, French and English PDF
Amal Htait, Sébastien Fournier, Patrice Bellot
Semantic Role Labeling of English Tweets PDF
Dwijen Rudrapal, Amitava Das
A 5W1H Based Annotation Scheme for Semantic Role Labeling of English Tweets PDF
Kunal Chakma, Amitava Das
Enhancing Deep Learning Gender Identification with Gated Recurrent Units Architecture in Social Text PDF
Bassem Bsir, Mounir Zrigui
Artificial Method for Building Monolingual Plagiarized Arabic Corpus PDF
Adnen Mahmoud, Mounir Zrigui
Using Tweets and Emojis to Build TEAD: an Arabic Dataset for Sentiment Analysis PDF
Houssem Abdellaoui, Mounir Zrigui
Stance and Sentiment in Czech PDF
Tomáš Hercig, Peter Krejzl, Pavel Král
The Big Five: Discovering Linguistic Characteristics that Typify Distinct Personality Traits across Yahoo! Answers Members PDF
Nicolás Olivares, Luz María Vivanco, Alejandro Figueroa
RESyS: Towards a Rule-Based Recommender System based on Semantic Reasoning PDF
Daniel Villanueva, Miguel Lagares, Juan M. Gómez, Israel González
A Formula Embedding Approach to Math Information Retrieval PDF
Amarnath Pathak, Partha Pakray, Alexander Gelbukh
Unsupervised Sentence Embeddings for Answer Summarization in Non-factoid CQA PDF
Thi-Thanh Ha, Thanh-Chinh Nguyen, Kiem-Hieu Nguyen, Van-Chung Vu, Kim-Anh Nguyen
Discovering Continuous Multi-word Expressions in Czech PDF
Zuzana Nevěřilová
Using BiLSTM in Dependency Parsing for Vietnamese PDF
Luong Nguyen Thi, Linh Ha My, Huyen Nguyen Thi Minh, Phuong Le-Hong
Word sense disambiguation features for taxonomy extraction PDF
Daniil Alexeyevsky
Arabic Dialect Identification based on Probabilistic-Phonetic Modeling PDF
Naim Terbeh, Mohsen Maraoui, Mounir Zrigui
Building a Nasa Yuwe Language Corpus and Tagging with a Metaheuristic Approach PDF
Luz Marina Sierra Martínez, Carlos Alberto Cobos, Juan Carlos Corrales Muñoz, Tulio Rojas Curieux, Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Diego Hernán Peluffo-Ordóñez
Rhetorical Relations in the Speech of Alzheimer’s Patients and Healthy Elderly Subjects: An Approach from the RST PDF
Anayeli Paulino, Gerardo Sierra, Laura Hernández-Domínguez, Iria da Cunha, Gemma Bel-Enguix


Automated Lung Segmentation on Computed Tomography Image for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer. PDF
Ratishchandra Huidrom, Yambem Jina Chanu, Khumanthem Manglem Singh
A Statistical Background Modeling Algorithm for Real-Time Pixel Classification PDF
Ricardo Acevedo-Avila, Miguel Gonzalez-Mendoza, Andres Garcia-Garcia
Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimization via Differential Evolution PDF
José Valentín Osuna Enciso, José Israel Espinoza Haro, Diego Oliva, Irán Fernando Hernández Ahuactzi
An Efficient Framework to Detect Cracks in Rail Tracks Using Neural Network Classifier PDF
Manikandan Rajagopal, M. Balasubramanian, S. Palanivel
SimulES-W: A Collaborative Game to Improve Software Engineering Teaching PDF
Elizabeth Suescún, Julio Cesar Camapio do Prado Leite, Vera Werneck, Raul Mazo, Paola Vallejo, Mauricio Toro, David Velasquez, Juan F. Cardona, Rafael Rincón
Adaptive Algorithm based on Renyi’s Entropy for Task Mapping in a Hierarchical Wireless Network-on-Chip Architecture PDF
Maribell Sacanamboy, Freddy Bolaños, Alvaro Bernal
Teletraffic Analysis for VoIP Services in WLAN Systems with Handoff Capabilities PDF
Sergio Sánchez-Reyes, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Noé Torres-Cruz
Continuous Testing and Solutions for Testing Problems in Continuous Delivery: A Systematic Literature Review PDF
Maximiliano Agustin Mascheroni, Emanuel Irrazábal

ISSN: 2007-9737